Turn your LinkedIn profile into a resume

Generate a resume from your LinkedIn profile in seconds. Just input your LinkedIn profile URL, and you'll get a professional, elegant, ATS-friendly CV in one single click – for free!

Make sure you've edited your LinkedIn settings to make your profile public to anyone. You won't be able to import your LinkedIn into Jobician if your profile is not fully public (work history, education, profile pic, etc.) While you're at it: make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, so your Jobician resume includes your most recent information!

LinkedIn can make you a resume, but there's a better way.

Yes, you can print a resume from LinkedIn if you click the «More → Save to PDF» button under your profile – but you only need to do that once to find out the result is pretty lame. We fix that with our AI powered LinkedIn CV maker: you only need to add your LinkedIn profile link once, and automatically we'll create a modern, professional resume from your LinkedIn in just one click.

LinkedIn-generated resumes are ugly. We fix that.

You've probably already have put a lot of work into making a good LinkedIn profile. Organizing, writing, re-writing and refining the perfect LinkedIn profile requires a lot of effort and time, so when you're faced with making a resume from scratch, you don't want to go through the same things again. It would be ideal to reuse your LinkedIn profile for that, so you wonder if there's any way to generate a resume from the LinkedIn app, and or ask yourself how to download your resume from LinkedIn, only to find out the PDF they generate is pretty subpar. That's why we've created this resume builder from Linkedin, so you only need to add your LinkedIn profile, and we'll build the resume for you. We've put a lot of work into making sure everything looks nice, so you can start using your resume right away.

Stop copying and pasting from LinkedIn to Canva.

There's nothing more frustrating than having to copy sentence by sentence your LinkedIn profile into a Canva or a document, only to find out you still need to spend hours on formatting and readjusting. We solve that. This tool is a LinkedIn to resume converter, which means you only need to provide a link to your LinkedIn page and you will get a CV ready to start applying for jobs.

Making your resume look good is hard. Leave the design to us.

Some resumes just look elegant at first sight – some others don't. And trying to make yours look elegant is difficult: you may lack the artsy eye, the design skills, or just the required time. Don't worry, we'll generate your resume from your LinkedIn profile using AI, and then we'll make it look extra polished, so you impress hiring managers and they think you've put hours into designing it – and get your deserved interviews.

Generate your resume from LinkedIn today

Stop wasting time creating resumes, and start applying to jobs right away – go from LinkedIn to resume in no time.

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